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Clips of Roger?

Hello, im new to this community and to LiveJournal.  I have been back and forth looking because this community is awsome for Roger Bart fans like myself so I figured I should join! I just recently became a huge fan of his when I went to see Young Frankenstein back in November.  I didnt even put two and two together that he was Geroge from Desperate.  I of course had to see all his movies and go back and see YF again and then the other night when I was in the city I got to finally meet him! I wish I can tell you guys what happened but I dont remember a thing! lol  All I remember was him saying that it was freezing out here and I said "Yeh I know" thats all i can remember :( haha I hope I can get the chance to meet him again and work the nerve up to actually talk to him!  

well anyway I came here asking for help from fellow Roger fans.  Ever since I have become a fan I have been looking all over the internet for clips of Roger in both the Martha Stewart Show episodes and the Conan episode.  I see that there are post about this a while back on the board but they dont work :( I was wondering if anyone can help me if they have it by posting it on youtube or any other site where I can watch online?  Thanks so much for anyone who can help this has been driving me crazy because I want to see it so bad! haha 


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I can upload the Conan clip from 2005, but I second the Martha Stewart clips (and any other shows for that matter!)
Thank you so much! that would be great! :)
here ya go! enjoy, it's a cute interview :-D
My computer wont let me watch it for some reason :( I downloaded it and everything but then it says that the video for this file can not be it something im doing wrong? lol but thanks again for the speedy reply and upload!
oh, i think i know what's wrong. i had trouble with some AVI files a while back and this solved everything:

since it's an AVI file, you'll need DivX player/converter to watch it - it's free software. after that's downloaded and everything, just click on the video again, and it should play.

let me know if it doesn't work!
YES thank you soo much I just did that and watched the clip! He is so frigen cute I love the story about his daughter in the bathtube! thanks again for uploading it for me! now the only thing I need to see is the Martha episodes so hopefully someone can post it for us! :)
from me too - ive been trying to find this forever! thank God jess3187 asked because i was starting to give up hope lol! thanks again - it was adorable! i loved the musical mouth-pop thing lmao


February 23 2008, 12:08:52 UTC 10 years ago

haha yes I think we need a thread with just all Roger Bart clips because I went on the IMBD site and there is actually alot of clips that I havent seen with him :( Like the tony danza show or the view and I cant find any of them online. I didnt realize there were others lol but im just dying to see the Martha Stewart because it sounds like he was hysterical on that show! I hope someone will have it to post
I guess no one has those Martha clips :( I dont know where else to look for them! lol
can someone upload the conan interview again? the link doesn't work anymore :(