jess3187 (jess3187) wrote in love_roger_bart,

Clips of Roger?

Hello, im new to this community and to LiveJournal.  I have been back and forth looking because this community is awsome for Roger Bart fans like myself so I figured I should join! I just recently became a huge fan of his when I went to see Young Frankenstein back in November.  I didnt even put two and two together that he was Geroge from Desperate.  I of course had to see all his movies and go back and see YF again and then the other night when I was in the city I got to finally meet him! I wish I can tell you guys what happened but I dont remember a thing! lol  All I remember was him saying that it was freezing out here and I said "Yeh I know" thats all i can remember :( haha I hope I can get the chance to meet him again and work the nerve up to actually talk to him!  

well anyway I came here asking for help from fellow Roger fans.  Ever since I have become a fan I have been looking all over the internet for clips of Roger in both the Martha Stewart Show episodes and the Conan episode.  I see that there are post about this a while back on the board but they dont work :( I was wondering if anyone can help me if they have it by posting it on youtube or any other site where I can watch online?  Thanks so much for anyone who can help this has been driving me crazy because I want to see it so bad! haha 


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